Northumbria SR

Northumbria SR badge.jpg

This is an award for riders who complete a full Super Randonneur series of rides within the ancient kingdom of Northumbria.

The rules are pretty simple; to qualify, you would need to ride events of 200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km, all of them starting and finishing in Ancient Northumbria (basically the historic counties of Northumberland and Durham, i.e. north of the Tees, south of the Tweed and east of the Pennines), and/or spend a bunch* of time in the kingdom.

*technical term

northumbria map

Northumbria did once spread from the Humber in the south to the Forth at the north, and out to the Solway Firth at the west, but there are no plans to re-colonise Lothian, Deira or Rheged. Yet.

As with other SR awards , you would need to ride all events within one season to qualify, and longer rides can be substituted for shorter rides.

It’s for calendar events only, so no DIYs, but as you can see, there’s no real shortage of events to choose from.

Some of these are new events, but many are classics of the AUK calendar – the Hartside was first organised by the much-missed Graham Wanless and recently marked its 25th edition, and the Chevy Chase has been around long enough that its name was probably a bleeding-edge reference at its first running. Both the Durham and Northumberland redux and Peewhits and Curlews 600 owe much to classic events ran by Joe Applegarth as well. Joe, along with Nigel Hall and Hugh Harrison, kept the audax flame alive in the north-east when things were quieter and it wasn’t rare to have fewer than half-a-dozen finishers on a ride. Not just cos they were tough (though they were), by the way – word just hadn’t got out, but we’re all lucky to now have so many opportunities to ride long distances on the best roads around.

Here are the qualifying rides for the 2020 season.


Yad Moss/St Moritz from Darlington on 18/01/20

Newcastleton and back from Ponteland on 29/02/20

Durham & Northumberland Redux from Darlington on 04/04/20

Chevy Chase from Walbottle on 02/05/20

Dales, Steeps and Vales from Darlington on 20/06/20

Hartside 200 from Aldbrough St John on 27/06/20

The Four Tops from Ponteland on 05/07/20

Cheviots, Coast and Castles from Alnwick on 05/09/20


Second Class Return to Scarborough from Darlington on 27/03/20

Longtown Way Round from Ponteland on 11/04/20

Solway Coast C2C from Cresswell on 25/07/20

400s / 500s:

Steele Roads & Woolly Hills 400 from Darlington on 20/06/20

Annan Other Borders Circuit 400 from Ponteland on 11/07/20

Borders Five Hundred from Ponteland on 15/08/20

600s / 1000s

Highland Fling 1000 from Darlington on 07/05/20

Tour of the Borders & Galloway 600 from Ponteland on 30/05/20

Peewhits & Curlews from Darlington on 20/06/20

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