Yad Moss/St Moritz 200


This ride began during a conversation with Graeme. A lot of my rides are, basically, Graeme’s fault – he comes up with the ludicrous notion, and I make it reality. I can’t remember which of us thought an out-and-back over The Highest Road in the World* in winter would be a good idea.

But here we are, and here it is, due to run as an event on Saturday the 18th of January 2020: http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/20-838/

As a penance, I’m making Graeme come up and do the route check with me before the day. This isn’t strictly necessary – not only is it not a penance to ride your bike in the best place in the world, it’s a dead simple route, with just a dogleg on the way back to give you all a few little clicks to keep you warm. It will be winter, after all.

Graeme in Teesdale. Yeah, he’s always like that.

The halfway stop is Hallbankgate Community Hub, and there’ll be food at the start and finish. Basic breakfast at the start, I’ve been threatening to slice up some more porridge, and the finishing spread will include such local delicacies as leftover Christmas cake with cheese, and pease pudding sandwiches. And my mate Mark has promised to make some veggie curry, which really is the best curry in town.

Langleydale cloudscape 2.psdbw

Anyway, if anyone does fancy 200 km over Yad Moss, then back over it again, then entries are still open (for now). Don’t fret too much about the weather, and don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a bike ride.

Route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29217177


*Yad Moss isn’t the highest road in the world, or even the highest road in England, but my mate Martin always called it that, and at more-or-less 600 metres ASL, it’s pretty high for the UK.


Postscript: 51 riders started on the day, and 47 finished. It was chilly, with a light headwind all the way to Hallbankgate, and they even survived a brush with the Witch Tree of Kinninvie.


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